Vol.-20, No.-1

Peptic ulcer disease is common in Bangladesh. The\\r\\nprevalence of duodenal ulcer and gastric ulcer was\\r\\nestimated to be 11.98% and 3.58% respectively1.\\r\\nHelicobacter pylori infection is now accepted as a\\r\\nmajor cause of peptic ulcer disease. H. pylori is widely\\r\\nprevalent in Bangladesh, with 60% of children being\\r\\ninfected by the age of 3 months and 80% being infected\\r\\nby the age of 3 years2. In adult, about 92% have been\\r\\nfound to be sero-positive for H. pylori antibody3. So\\r\\neradication of H. Pylori is the mainstay of treatment\\r\\nof peptic ulcer disease. There are several FDAapproved\\r\\ntreatment regimens for H. Pylori eradication.\\r\\n